Easy Christmas Grapevine Wreath

Holiday decorating can easily put a dent in your pocketbook. Each year brings new trends and new ideas. For my front porch, I love putting a wreath on either side of the door and premade wreaths can easily cost $200+ for a duo, crazy! This is why I love grapevine wreaths, they come in under $30 each and can be used over and over for every season/holiday!


For Christmas, all you need is a pair of clippers, a few sprigs of seasonal greenery, and 10 minutes of time. For the greenery, I love using a mix of cedar and white pine, magnolia would also be pretty. This year I clipped a few branches from my holly tree to add festive red berries.

Check out my video below to watch how I quickly put my wreaths together this year!

You can purchase your own wreaths here!