Let's Get Your Pantry in Order!


My kitchen is my creative workspace. Therefore I need it to be a beautiful space that I want to be in but also organized and efficient, so I don't feel stressed and overwhelmed.

I find so much joy in organization and efficiency. Not only should you organize the spaces in your home, but things should also be where they are most convenient for everyday life.

I have worked hard in my kitchen to make it as organized and efficient as possible while maintaining its beauty and one of my favorite features is my pantry.

Having an organized pantry will call you to cook. Just standing and looking in my pantry starts to inspire a dish. It's a big project, but once you are done, you will feel incredibly accomplished.

Here are three simple fundamentals to organize the panty of your dreams:

1 - Place rice, grains, nuts, seeds and everything possible in clear containers. This way you can quickly identify items and easily keep track of what needs replenishing.

I love using wide-mouth quart-size mason jars for these items. I usually buy these items in the bulk section of the grocery store, so having a hard container to transfer them to cuts back on clutter.


2 - Sort by category. Gathering like items guarantees you’ll be able to find what you need. Categories in my pantry are: Beans, Grains, Nuts & Seeds, Baking, Pasta, Canned Vegetables, Snacks, ect.


3 - Designate a specific spot for the items you buy most so there’s no question where things go when it’s time to unload your grocery haul.

Store the ingredients you use most at eye level or within easy reach and use higher shelves for items you don't often use but like to keep on hand.

When placing canned/jarred items, set the newer items to the back and pull the older items forward. Doing so helps to ensure no one gets lost in the back of the pantry and go out of date before being used.

Just Remember:

Often it takes a few times to discover the most efficient place for items. It may take trying a few different spots until you get everything in your pantry perfectly placed, but don't be discouraged. Try different spots until it finally feels perfect.

Here are a few of my favorite pantry storage items:


Bailey Rae