Kitchen Must Have: The Pegboard


One of the cheapest and most efficient ways to get more storage in your kitchen is with a pegboard!

The first time I installed a pegboard was in a loft in Nashville. Storage space was limited, and the pegboard was the perfect solution to turn an open wall into a place to hang pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils.

In my home after that, I tucked it alongside the fridge. In our current home, there was a blank wall in our walk-in pantry that was the perfect spot. Every kitchen I ever own will ALWAYS have a pegboard. They are that great!

I love using a pegboard to hang my pots, pans, and colanders. This way they aren't stacked in a drawer making them an annoyance to get out. I can easily select the pan I need within seconds, plus I think it looks pretty neat. I have quite the collection of pans, and I love being able to see them all!


Pegboards are about $20 a sheet at Home Depot making this organization project super pocketbook friendly. You can easily polish up it looks by framing the pegboard out and painting it to match your kitchen.

Find a spot in your kitchen to place a pegboard, no matter how big or small you'll be amazed at the organization and extra storage you will get.

Below are some linked pegboard inspiration articles from Pinterest!

Happy organizing!


Bailey Rae