Sourdough Class Giftcard

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Sourdough Cooking Class Giftcard.png

Sourdough Class Giftcard


Give the gift of Sourdough, perfect birthday gift for anyone!

There is so much pride and satisfaction in making your own bread, especially sourdough.

With simply flour, water, salt, and time, you will learn and discover the beauty of sourdough.

We’ll go through the entire process of making artisan style sourdough from start to finish.

You will take home 1/2 fresh loaf from the class + 1 loaf to bake the next day, along with your own “Sourdough Starter Kit” that has all the basic tools needed (see below for list).

There will be snacks and complimentary white wine provided while the bread bakes, giving us an opportunity to linger and discuss further questions.

Sourdough Starter Kit Includes:

- Active Live “Starter”

- Mixing Bowl

- Proofing Basket

- Dutch Dough Wisk

- Dough Scrapper

- Bread Scoring Knife

- Flour Sack Towel

After purchase you will receive an email with instructions on how the recipient can redeem.

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